I am now living in Jupiter Florida with the Williams, sharing a room with their two little ones, Jeremiah and Mailey. The Lord brought us here to plant a Church in Delray Beach. And we are excited for the relationships that have been made and are yet to be made. Some needs at this point are everything from finances, jobs, to Living situations and meeting places. Keep us in your prayers as we are on the front lines waging war on the evil one!

My time in Israel came to an end and I headed back to Jordan.

I was to travel through Israel to Eilat cross the
border meet up with a friend stay at his house then meet up with the rest of my group in Aquaba. The day before I left I got news of a shooting on a bus in Eilat. I was really praying and seeking the Lord about not going and Just flying Home. As I walked to the bus station I was asking the Lord to make it clear to me if he didn't want me to get on the bus. As I walked I stopped by this coffee shop where I knew the owner and he asked me where I was heading. I told Him "back to Jordan" He said "not a good time to be going there" I agreed with him said goodbye and kept on. Shortly after that I found myself In front of a newspaper stand and the headlining article was the shooting that took place the previous day just outside of Eilat THE CITY I WAS TRAVELING TO!

I continued to the bus station thinking I could always take a bus to Tel Aviv and fly home from there. I saw all of the people waiting for the bus I was supposed to catch to south israel. And I had peace about just going for it. My plan was to sit on the right side of the bus because from the pictures the bus that got shot had most of its damage on the left side. But when I got on all of the seats on the right side of the bus were taken. So I sat on the left side, said a prayer and we were off.

Shevet gave me a nice going away present with some cheese, crackers, and chocolate. It was a nice 4 and a half hour ride and the cheese and crackers made for a great snack. When we got there i jumped in a taxi to the border got through no problem. Just as I sat down in the shade my phone (with zero minutes on it) rang. It was my friend Baja telling me he was right around the corner.

We made it to his house and we had some nice spicy chicken for dinner. The rest of my team met me the next day and we swam in the red sea for the next two days. On our way home we headed back to Karak and on our way I swam in the dead sea!

Update week three Israel outreach...

For as long as I have been here there has been a protest going on against housing prices, education, and food costs here in Israel. And they have been moving their tents from park to park trying to stir up things in the city.The pastor who HAD bronchitis and a large handful of youth and other believers go out to the streets every week. The this week we went out where the protesters were "camping out". The plan was to have worship, a teaching, then set up a table and hand out free pastries and drinks. We did just that. They were in the process of rallying with lots of yelling and clapping. The news teams were there and even a local radio station. Finding ourselves in the corner of the park next to a dumpster and the bathrooms didn't put a damper on the spirits of our team. As we worshiped people came and went. Some who were stopped at the stoplight were giving ear to what was going on. The pastor who HAD bronchitis taught a bible study and a few people stayed to listen for the whole thing.
After that we prayed and many people from our team were engaged in conversation with people in the park. We set up our table and a lot of people asked why we were giving out free drinks and such. We were vary tactful with our answers because some people would be vary offended if we told them we are Christians sharing the Love of Christ. Almost everyone in our group got to share their faith with a least one person that night. I'm pretty sure one man even came to faith. And If anything the name of Jesus and His word went out that night.

Mai and her Grandma

On Friday I had the opportunity to visit one of the children from Gaza who was at the hospital. We were going to support the mom and try to put some smiles on the face of the little baby Mai. For me even just thought of doctors, blood, and shots makes me uneasy. So first of all I'm just so thankful that God has gifted certain people in this area who actually enjoy dealing with sick people and don't pass out when they see blood. As I walk through the hall I'm thinking to myself " self ya you wouldn't last long here working or being sick for that matter." I just thanked the Lord for my health and that He has given me a heart that works great and keeps beating twenty four hours a day seven days a week. These little babies seem stronger in some ways than Me. I Little Mai was there not with her mom but her grandma. Sometimes these babies stay there in the hospital for weeks sometime months at a time. Mai will have this special bond with her grandmother that may have not taken place had she not been in this situation. We held her hand, blew some bubbles in her direction, and took pictures with her. It doesn't seem like much but I could tell that the grandma was encouraged by us being there.

Every Saturday is a day of rest, referred to as sabot. Many of the stores are closed and often times Jewish people throw rocks at those who drive on this day. Interestingly enough one of the largest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem is located directly across the street from Shevet Achim. On numerous occasions they knock our dumpsters into the street spilling trash all over to prevent the cars from being able to pass by on the road. Check this out... last night, on sabot I found myself standing in the street listening to a bunch of South Korean believers loudly singing worship songs. Cool right? It gets better, they continued to sing as thousands upon thousands of protesters come barreling in and around them. They were carrying great big signs, yelling, banging pots and pans and anything else they could get there hands on. I feared for my life...kind of. Even still these Koreans just kept singing. In fact they got louder unaffected by all of the ca motion. They meet here every week, and they most always draw a crowd. You can't even understand what there saying but you know that they are worshiping God. Something about them is attracting people psalm 22:3 "Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel." It was vary cool to be in the midst of all that kayos and to hear and be a part of true heart felt worship.

Prayer requests:

For the families that went home today that God would continue to heal the hearts of the kids spiritually
and physically.

For the weekly out reach to the community tonight that God work on the hearts of people and bring them to faith in Him.

For Continue prayer for the Muslims that are fasting this month that God would show Himself to them in visions and dreams.

For increased energy during the day to fully serve Him in whatever I'm doing.

That my love and passion for God may increase and become stronger and stronger and that He would give me His heart for His people.
Israel week 1-2 Check it

Things started off with a bang on the 17th. Mark gave me a guys name and said go to Jaffa gate and the guy you will be serving alongside of will be leading worship there. I attended the service and heard Him talking to one of the deacons about a guy from Calvary Chapel who was to come and serve. I took that as an opportunity to introduce my self. He then proceeded to tell me that he had bronchitis and that the plans to go to the sea of Galilee for church that evening were canceled. He also went on to tell me that He didn't have a place for me to stay and gave me some names of hostels around the area.

Chadderbox Falls Egmont B.C.

After church I met up with a second contact from Christ Church. I was to assist Him with His homeless ministry on Mondays and Fridays. As we began to get to know each other we found that we had many things in common. He was from Canada and would drive His boat up and down the princess Louisa inlet. Interestingly enough I have spent many summers on that Inlet with a ministry called Young Life. We were able to reminisce about the beauty and awesomeness of that place and the importance that it had in both our lives. We both see the God of the universe at work in sculpting the mountains, the growing trees, and seeing the beautiful work of his hands in creating a waterfall that Gushes thousands and thousands of gallons of glacier water per minute! That man went on to buy me my lunch. I Thanked the Lord In my heart for how he provides for His Children. Peter a friend I met at the conference in Jordan happened to be at Christ Church. We recognized each other he was a part of the conversation as well. We were talking and the man from Canada got a phone call from the pastor with bronchitis with instructions for me to meet one of his friends in a square near the old city. I was to find him and attend a church service with him. I was excited that the Lord was providing food, friends, and a situation to meet up with a guy and possibly serve. I found Zion square on the map thanked the Canadian for the meal and the conversation. Then It was me and the open road I didn't have a phone, a travel buddy, a computer, or any Idea of where I might be sleeping that night. For me that was exciting.

Zion Square

As I waited in the square for that guy I found my self asking this young lady for the time. She began asking me questions an why I was here and what I was doing. When she heard that I had a relationship with the Lord she asked me if I got rewards in my faith if I converted people. I gently explained that wasn't the case and but that it would be a great reward to see them in Heaven. This young lady was a practicing Jew and she was telling me about how they read the old testament but take more seriously the commentaries that were written on it afterward explaining what the scriptures mean. As I shared with her the truth she didn't accept the fact that all people are born with sin. Without that realization then there is no need for a savior. You don't need to be saved from a problem or a sickness that you don't have. Even still I could tell she was listening to what I was saying. I could also tell that it was offensive to her. (1 cor 1:18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.) So after 30 minutes of conversation the person she was meeting came and she was ready to be done talking with me. She ended the conversation with " well I think I'm perfect and I think all people are good so..." The guy that I was supposed to meet had a change of plans and never showed up. I felt God set up that meeting with that young lady and I pray that He continues to revel Himself to her.

Shevet Achim

Being out of touch and not connecting with that guy encouraged me to purchase a cellular device to keep in touch with people. I found a cell phone shop and had them try and "unlock" my American phone. Two hours later they informed that with my phone this could not be done. The man felt bad for me having to wait in his shop for so long that he gave me a great deal on a phone sim card and minutes. I was excited because I love getting a good deal. who doesn't? From there I headed to the one place in Jerusalem where I knew some people, Shevet Achim. The school that I am evolved with partners with this origination. The family in Jordan where we had our school house some of the kids before and after they get there hearts worked on. Because of this I had met one or two of the people that worked there. I knocked on the door and was warmly welcomed by a familiar face. I met with the lady in charge and she welcomed me in with open arms. The community here at Shevet it extraordinary! everyone server one another, they eat meals together, worship, study together, and more.

The next day I met up with the man from
Canada who bought me breakfast. Him peter and I were off to feed the homeless! We first gathered the food from different shops around the city. He had a team that made the hummus sandwiches, cleaned the fruit, and bagged it with a piece of chocolate. When we hit the forty meal mark we were off. He took us on his "usual" route. Which I think was good because he has been able to develop relationships with many people. Many people look forward to seeing him. He explained that the government does not like it when you hand out food and share your faith. So all we can say is "God Bless" when we are handing out food. He went on to tell me how everyone knows that he is a Believer just because of the love that he shows people. Some call him Rabi, others have told him how what he does has made such an impact on there lives. And they go on to say that if they were going to become religious then they would follow his God because of the demonstration of love that he has shown them. Some have even come to know the Lord through his ministry. As we walked down the streets some people refuse to take food because they "begg" for change then go and purchase the food on there own, as a way to provide for themselves.
Others would take two and three to bring to their friends in need. Still some refuse all together and are kind of annoyed that we asked them if they wanted food because they are not homeless they just appear that way. But it is all worth it when you hand someone a bag and they quickly open it with a huge smile on there face because pains of hunger were satisfied in that moment.

Place where they say Jesus was born
Later that day I followed peter to Bethlehem where we met up with a pastor in a home Church and saw the place where they say Jesus was born. It was a blessing to spend time with there family and here there stories. One of their sons had studied in the states and we had fun sharing stories with each other. The pastor had many things to tell us and it turns out that we knew many of the the same people. Its kind of a small world of believers here in the middle east. The next day we left after praying a blessing over the family and their ministry. I found my self walking to the check point and taking a bus back to Jerusalem.

Wednesday the Pastor with bronchitis took me under his wing and showed me how to inductively studiey the bible. It was such a blessing. We were in Joshua 8, and as I read it initially I didn't get much out of it. But as he asked me questions and as we looked at the history in that time the story came alive to me. I felt as if I was there. In the beginning of the chapter The Lord says to Joshua "DO not fear or be dismayed. Take all the people of war with you and arise, go up to Ai; see I have given into your hand the king of Ai, his people his city, and his land. You shall do to Ai and its king just as you did to Jericho and its king; you shall take only its spoil and its cattle as plunder for yourselves. Set an ambush for the city behind it." Wow this is cool. Notice all the Lord had to say was " Set an ambush for the city behind it" they knew what to do they were trained solders. The reason the Lord starts out with Do not fear or be dismayed is because Joshua just lost a battle against Ai and lost a bunch on men. This is one of few stories in the bible where the same event happens twice first without God, second with God. And you can see the difference. Just before this in Chapter 6 the Lord led Joshua's army to the defeat of Jericho. And all they had to do is walk around the city and make a loud noise and the walls fell down. They felt unstoppable because of their victory. When Joshua sent spys to Ai they came back and said that Ai only had a few men and that a few thousand should wipe them out. Without consulting the Lord he sent the men. They were struck down and chased back out of Ai. The Lord told Joshua Israel has sinned and has kept gold and things from Jericho that was supposed to be used for the building of the temple but they kept it to themselves. The Lord said " You cannot stand before your enemies until you have removed the things under the band from your midst." He told me before he came to the Lord when he was a hippie he learned to play guitar. For him that was his gold in the city and now he uses it to build the church by playing music that leads people into the presence of God. Some people relate these two battles to the war against sin and the war against the flesh. The battle of Jericho is like are battle against sin. Jesus died for us on the cross and how it was Him who did all the work and all we half to do is believe and we will be saved. And it is by His power that we have victory. Its interesting how the first time they go against Ai Joshua stays back where it is comfortable. Kind of like King David in 2 Samuel 11:2 he was back in his palace relaxing while his men were at war. And that was when he was tempted when he saw Bathsheba there bathing. And we all know what happened. With Joshua the Lord said lets try this again, but this time lets do it my way. In verse 10 chapter 8 of Joshua it says " Now Joshua rose early in the morning and mustered the people, and he went up the the elders of Israel before the people of Ai. Then all the people of war who were with him went up and drew near and arrived in front of the city , and camped on the north side of Ai." it goes on to say that Joshua spent the night in the midst of the valley. So he was down there with his guys this time fighting with them. And Him being down there provoked the king to wake all of the men up and come down to fight. Joshua and his men pretended to be beaten. The king was so puffed up from the previous victory that all of his men pursed Joshua down into the valley. It says " not a man was left in the city of Ai or Bethel who had gone out after Israel. The Lord gave Joshua the go and he raised his javelin and the men in the ambush rose and entered the city and captured it. And it says " they quickly set it on fire" This is the money verse " When the men of Ai turned back and looked, behold,the smoke of the city ascended to the sky, and they had no place to flee this way or that, for the people who had been fleeing to the wilderness turned against the pursuers." Then I was asked what do you think of when you read that..." the smoke of the city ascended to the sky"? Many things came to mind...mainly sacrifices, incense rising, God being pleased. And how being obedient is more favorable to the Lord than sacrifice. Joshua and his men had another chance to take the city and they did it by obeying the Lord. And just like our struggle with the flesh it is a constant battle and the only way we are going to win is if we are down there Fighting in the strength of out Lord.

Later that night the congregation had church service...on the street. I was blessed to be able to play the drum for the worship service. Many people stopped to see what we were doing. Some would sing along if they knew the songs. Others stopped just to take a look at the drum I was playing. It was a good experience however the study and way we went over Joshua 8 was vary different on the street than the way it was laid out in the office. We then went back to have coffee and fellowship with the congregation and anyone else that wanted to Join.

And that was the last day I journaled...

The remainder of the time is going to be a brief summation as best as i can remember it. Thursday I had a meeting with Shevet Achim and after some good questions they agreed to let me stay for a week until mark and Jo got back from north
Israel and until we figure out a plan. We have come to Thursday of last week. I then headed out with the bronchitis pastor to assisted him in getting ready for his home group. Doing everything from cleaning up the house to buying food. We then had home group and fellowship late into the night that evening.

Its now Friday and at this point I'm itching to get my hands dirty and serve at Shevet. because everyone here at has a job and they work hard together.For me only staying a short time my roll is to fill in the cracks. So the first day I was house cleaning in the morning. Then I found my self racking leaves, taking out the trash, playing with some of the kids, and more cleaning. That first day I was able to see what it looks like to humbly serve. I found my self in a hurry to be with the Lord not in a hurry to finish what I was doing . And it was and still is vary important do a great job at whatever I was doing. Shabbat was the last half of Friday and Saturday and that day is respected as a day of rest. Sunday one of the guys who works here was preaching at
Christ Church. The place where I met up with everyone the week before! Since our day of rest was on Saturday Sunday we were back at it. I picked up trash and leaves around shevet for the better part of the day. It was hotter than tar but I kept being encouraged when one of the boys who has had his heard worked on, kept coming out to visit me.

This last week has been similar to the first. Here at Shevet it is fun to look for ways to bless people during the day with everything from cold glassed of water and smiles to just taking care of the everyday tasks. There is so much going on here with all the families and the staff it is incredible. A vary encouraging picture was placed in my mind the other day when I heard what was going on at the hospital with some of the families and staff. There are families from Iraq, west bank, Gaza. All here with their kids. And they are here because their kids are sick beyond their control. And now they have hope. And it starts thousands of miles away with people praying and people giving to this ministry. And usually these families according to the culture would be at war against each other. Maybe never talk to each other. Here they live together. And the other day three of the kids were together in the hospital having surgery. It wasn't going very well. The doctors weren't communicating with the parents or the staff but you could tell things weren't looking good for one of the kids. The mothers were in terror thinking that they may never get to see their child again. So they were all together praying for each others babies that they would pull through and come out ok. There were a lot of tears and a lot of fear. The doctors were able to do what they need to do and the kid is alright and recovering. But to hear how the Lord is healing and bringing the hearts of many different nations together it truly is amazing and a blessing to be apart of.

Ramadan starts today and there is a lot of tension in the city. Many warnings have gone out for tourists to stay out of the old city and away from crowds. So the prayer here is that God would show up to them in dreams and visions. And that they would come to the knowledge and hope of our Savior. Jeremiah 29:12-13 "Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

There is the update let me know if you have any questions and for sure let me know how I can be praying for you!

Depending on Him,

Andrew James

Prayer that God will shine the Light of the Knowledge of Truth in the heart of the Jewish Girl I met in the square.

Prayer for The Pastor with bronchitis would be healed.

Prayer that the kids would recover from there surgery and that the Lord would save them and there families.

Prayer that the staff would stay healthy here as they give up there time to serve.

Prayer that God would show up to the Muslims in dreams and visions during this month of fasting.